Trip to Kyrgystan 2010/2011 for wedding of Amadeus DeKastle and Maria Lychenko.

This short series of videos was prepared for a public Church meeting where time was limited.

The first one is composed of parts of a CD bought in Bishkek that runs 66 minutes, but it is here less than 9 minutes.
Video 2 gives the background of the groom and why he is there.  2+ minutes
Video 3 shows the invitation as an introduction to the Bride and her family. Almost 6 minutes
Video 4 shows the route and highlights of the trip. Nearly 5 minutes
Video 5 is the wedding in the Church.  Almost 4 minutes
Video 6 shows the Reception in the Academy hall. Less than 6 minutes

There were pictures from 5 different cameras to choose from, and we would like to
someday put them all into a gallery for you, but not yet.

Trip to a Christian Wedding in a Moslem country