Christian Doctrine Introduction

Introduction to doctrinal study
The prescribed Text is the Bible, any or all versions that are not contradictory to the Authorized Version.
In any study of doctrine or system of theology there are some prerequisites or assumptions before we can expect to appreciate who God is. We should be fully aware that there are many very intelligent and broadminded people who do not meet these prerequisites and will never understand either the Bible or God.
1.) We must believe that God exists -- that He is. Heb 11:6.
The study of whether God exists or not is a separate subject called Evidences and we will not cover it in this series.
2.) That God does reveal Himself to us in Creation and through the Bible. I Tim 3:l6, Psa 19, Jno 7:17.
I must assume that each one of you qualify on these two prerequisites, and on the promise of Jesus in Jno 7:17, I can say that you will not be disappointed with His reward.
As born again Christians we do have an advantage over the unsaved in learning of God, because "we have the mind of Christ". 1 Cor 2:16
In contrast to the word "dogma" which doesn't necessarily mean the understanding and spiritual application of the teaching, Christian Doctrine is the attempt to systematize those foundations of fundamental evangelical Christianity so that we will be ready to give a reason to every one who asks us about our faith, and we will also be able to detect and avoid false teachings. 1 Pet 3:15, 2 Pet 2:1

Although there is nowhere in the Bible an attempt to describe God, there are many places where we can learn about Him. With the songwriter of old we say that God is His own best interpreter, and therefore we listen to Him. Look at Exodus 33 and 34 where God revealed Himself to Moses. Here we see not so much the things He does, but the divine Character of God behind His works. The Psalmist says that God made known His works to the children of Israel and His ways unto Moses. We will look at what God does to find out who He is and what He is like.

Other helpful information is available.
On the relational character of God's fundamental Being
Bishop Fulton Sheen writes in his book The Life of Christ a chapter on the Person of Jesus.
There is an article from Bridges for Peace on Angels, and another article on Genesis 6 where we read about Sons of God and Daughters of Men., and Sons of God
The prayer that Jesus taught His disciples called the Lord's Prayer is available, as is the Creed.

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